About the director
Philo Bregstein

Otto Freudenthal (assistant of Otto Klemperer),
Marina Vidor and Philo Bregstein filming Klemperer’s
own annotated score of Brahms’s Symphony No. 3,
at the Royal Academy of Music, London, 2015

Philo Bregstein is geboren in 1932 in Amsterdam. Hij voltooide in 1957 zijn rechten studie aan de Gemeente Universiteit van Amsterdam.
Van 1962-1965 volgde hij een opleiding filmregie en scenario aan het CentroSperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome.

Philo Bregstein was born in 1932 in Amsterdam. He completed his law studies in 1957 at the Municipality of Amsterdam.
From 1962 to 1965 he studied film directing and screenplay at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome.


  • Filmers outside the line, VPRO, 1966
  • One Day Fellini, VPRO, 1966
  • The Compromise, 1968 (Golden Dove Venice Film Festival)
  • The Past That Lives (Filmportrait of Jacques Presser), 1970
  • Otto Klemperers lange Reise durch seine Zeit, 1973, 1985
  • Otto Klemperer in rehearsal and concert, 1974
  • In Search of Jewish Amsterdam, NCRV, 1975
  • Farmer and Painter (filmportrait of Ernst Schaublin), NCRV, 1976
  • Dreams of Life (filmportrait of Arthur van Schendel), NCRV, 1977
  • Jean Rouch and his camera in the heart of Africa, NOS BEELDSPRAAK, 1978
  • Whoever Says the Truth Shall Die (filmportrait of P.P.P.), 1981
  • Days of Memory (codirectied with Saulius Berzinis), 2000
  • Otto Klemperer’s Long Journey Through His Times, 2016
  • Klemperer – The Last Concert, 2016


  • To kill Time (novel), Sijthoff, 1967
  • Conversations with Jacques Presser, Athenaeum Polak and van Gennep, 1972
  • Proof of Identity (novel), Manteau, 1973
  • Remembering Jewish Amsterdam, De Bezige Bij, 1978 (in 2005 in de VS)
  • Travel Journal of a Flying Dutchman (novel), the Prom,1980-1998
  • Is best to argue (essays for de Groene Amsterdammer), the Prom, 1991
  • Back to Lithuania, traces of a Jewish family (reporting book), Van Gennep,1995
  • The curve is not straight (essays and interviews), the Prom, 1996
  • Willem Mengelberg between light and dark (play of Philo Bregstein and Martin van Amerongen), the Prom, 2001
  • The Sabbatical Year (novel), Aspekt, 2004
  • About Jacques Presser (essays), Aspekt 2006
  • Anti-Semitism in its modern variations (essays), Mets & Schilt, 2007
  • Stolen Time (non fiction novel), Boom, 2018


  • You can very well discuss taste, 1996
  • What is crooked can never be right, 1999
  • Antisemitism in its variations of today, 2007
  • Studies about Jacques Presser, 2006